My candles are hand poured in Durham using UK-made materials, including soy wax, cotton wicks and recycled glass. I opted for soy wax since it’s biodegradable and burns clean — a plus if you’re prone to allergies. We believe in looking after our planet and so we keep things environmentally friendly by using renewable, sustainable sources and recyclable packaging; as well as being vegan

Lets's be honest — everyone loves a good candle. From the bath to the bedroom, the coquettish flicker of warm light and surrounding scent is a beacon of leisure and an accessory to pleasure. While any old candle will emanate a glowy come-hither romance, we make the best smelling burners that can fill a room and set the mood.

Spritzing your living space with room sprays keeps it smelling fresh and helps you set the mood.

Fill your home with beautiful scents and accessories. I have a wide range of candles, wax melts, car air fresheners, room sprays and reed diffusers in over 50 fragrances. Check out the brand new Cologne and Perfume Scents

Get rid of bad odours and keep your home smelling fresh all day long with a gorgeous room spray from our collection. From fruity smells that'll mask the smell of pets to subtle hints of vanilla that'll greet your guests in style, there's a room fragrance spray for everyone.

Transform your car with fresh fragrances perfectly captured in stylish, sleek diffuser. Our aromatic diffusers hang perfectly in your vehicle; Enriching the environment with a soft, welcoming scent.

These air fresheners don’t only create a lush aroma, they also help remove unpleasant smells that may build up in your vehicle.

Whether you like something a little floral or are looking for a fruity scent. Browse our range of hanging oil diffusers for your car and pick up a fragrance that you’ll love. Their small, convenient size won’t reflect the power of their aromas

Being Eco conscious we offer a vast array of refills in recycleable bottles

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